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Labours Of Love Sewing Supplies

Havel's Ultra Pro Seam Ripper (Item #HUPR)

Best seam ripper on the market! Glides through seams with its surgically-sharp edge. We've taken the curved seam ripper blade and put it on a stainless handle to cut even the heaviest of threads. Blades can be replaced easily with the screw-lock handle and each one comes with a plastic cover for storage. This set includes 1 handle, 5 blades and 1 cover.

Price:  Canadian $12.59 

Ultimate Iron Off Marking Pencil - White (Item #UMPW2)

This white pencil is ideal on darker fabrics! Marks disappear with an iron and it sharpens with a crayon or eye make up sharpener. It's 6" long, by 3/8" diameter. It comes in a handy closeable clear tube.

Price:  Canadian $7.49

SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge (Item #SF2)

Quick and easy to use. Simply lay it over your garment and expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured equal distances and accurate spacing from 3/8" to 3 3/8". Ideal for perfectly spacing buttons, hook and eyes, drapery pleats, dress pleats, and tucks. The best part is no measuring. Place, expand and mark.

Price:  Canadian $26.49 

Iron Clean Iron Cleaner By Bo Nash (Item # ICBN2)

Remove fusibles, facings, and sticky residues from the bottom of your iron. Iron over these diaper wipe type sheets that have been treated with a special cleaner. You use the edge of your ironing board and run the iron over the "wipe" until the residue is removed. Wipe the base of the iron with a clean paper towel. Repeat in a few months,the package convenientely comes with 10 sheets.

Price:  Canadian $4.99 

Clear Fabric Grabbers (Item #CFG2)

These transparent dots with adhesive backing make acrylic tools and rulers non-slip. A fabric grip on the corners of your rulers & templates will help prevent slipping when marking or using rotary cutters. When slight pressure is applied your measuring rulers or templates will grip your fabric making your measuring or cutting much easier and more accurate. 25 dots per package.

Price:  Canadian $4.95 

Dritz Ezy-Hem (Item #DEH)
This ruler is a helpful tool for any sewing, quilting or crafting. Ezy-Hem Gauge has imperial and metric measurements. It can be used to make a hem from ¼" to 4" on a straight edge and from ¼" to 2½" on a curved edge. The straight lines are on the other side. Includes complete illustrated instructions on back of the package.

Price:  Canadian $19.99 

Cutting Mat Cleaner (Item #CMC2)

Prolong the life of your cutting mat by removing lint and fibers from batting, flannel, fleece and other soft materials. As you brush the cleaner across the cutting mat, imbedded fibers, thread and "fluff", are being pulled out of the crevasses allowing your “self healing” mats to self heal. Just clean under cold water and reuse.

Price:  Canadian $5.99 

Third Hand with Clamp (Item #THWC2) Ok, so this one isn't under $10 BUT it one of our best.

The third hand clamp will securely hold one end of your work while you hold the other end when embroidering, seam ripping, gathering ruffles, darning and more. The harder you pull the tighter it grips!

Price:  Canadian 18.20 

14 in 1 Measuring Gauge (Item #CMG2)
There are 14 everyday functional measurements to be found on this double-sided aluminum Measureing Gauge. Every commonly used measurement from 1/8" to 1 3/4". Keep this handy gauge near the sewing machine to double check small measurements. A great gift item or stocking stuffer for the home sewer. Double sided, 14 functional measurements, metal.

Price:  Canadian $3.15

Iron Away Fine Gel Pen - Blue, Pink or Purple (Item #FPB2)

These gel pens are a fine .05 tip, perfect for marking quilting lines or fabric for crafts and dress making. They iron off instantly and don't leave a mark behind.

Price:  Canadian $3.50 


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