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English Paper Piecing - Hexigons

Labours Of Love Sewing Supplies

Hexigon Paper Pieces - Various Sizes (Item #HPP)

Reuseable, precut paper hexigon shapes for English Paper Piecing. The size is measured across the top from point to point. 1" / 100 pieces, 1 1/4" / 75 pieces, 1 1/2" / 50 pieces.

Price:  Canadian $4.95 

Hexigon 1" Acrylic Fabric Cutting Template - (Item #HAT)

If you want to precut your hexigon with your rotary cutter this template is awesome because it has the 3/8" seam allowance added. (1/4" just doesn't seem like enought when you are sewing them). This is also helpful for fussy cutting, where you want to place a design withing the hexigon and be able to see what your doing.

Price:  Canadian $7.50 

Hexigon Template Set (Item #HTS)

1 set of 8 pieces (sizes). Great for creating your favorite quilt projects. Each template is in the finished size with 1/4" seam allowance. Includes marking points for easy positioning. Finished measurements are from point to point. Laser-cut technology for smooth and accurate cutting. Made from tough, durable acrylic. With a Sew Easy key chain in a reusable zip-lock pouch for storage. Shape: Hexagon. Sizes: 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/2", 3".

Price:  Canadian $12.95 

Wonder Clips - Variousq Sizes (Item #WC)

Wonder Clips are a great alternative to pins, especially when working with heavyweight fabrics, piles and vinyls. It can hold layered sections of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping without distortion. Holds quilt binding while sewing, and it's easy to see and easy to find when dropped on the floor! Works well with sergers. 10 pack Assorted colors, 2 of each color. Features 1/4" and 1/2" seam allowance marks on base of the clip.

Price:  Canadian $8.95 

Sewline-Water Soluble Fabric Glue Pen With Refill (Item #SLGP)

Perfect for your fabric projects! Quick, convenient and effective way to hold fabrics for sewing. Easier than pins. This package contains one 5-1/2 inch fabric glue pen and one refill. The blue glue dries clear. 

Price:  Canadian $10.60 

Sewline-Water Soluble Fabric Glue Pen Refill (Item #GPR)

Sewline-Water Soluble Fabric Glue Pen Refill: Blue. This package contains two fabric glue pen refills.

Price:  Canadian $5.25 

John James Milliner/Straw Hand Sewing Needles, Size 11 (Item #JJS)

The perfect needles for sewing hexigons together with our Madeira thread. Milliners needles are sometimes referred to as Straw needles and are traditionally used in hat making, hence they are called Straw because in the past so many hats were made out of straw. These needles are long with round eyes and ideal when used in the art of pleating and creating fancy decorative stitching or commonly know as smocking. Milliners are sometimes used in bead work. The smaller sizes 10 and 11 are suitable for more fine, decorative stitching. 25 needles per package

See the Madeira Cotona Thread here.

Price:  Canadian $6.25 

Fiskars 8" x 8" Rotating Cutting Mat (Item #FCM2)

This 8" x 8" mat fits into your project tote and rotates to help you cut and trim fabric at easier angles. It's self healing and provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than others. Easy to read measuring grid makes accurate measurements a snap. 30, 45 and 60 degree bias lines make creating triangle and star shapes easy. This is the perfect mat for quickly and conveniently cutting out fabric for hexies.

Price:  Canadian $21.25 


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