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Sewing Lesson #13 The Darning Foot

Sewing Lesson #13 The Darning Foot

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Learn to use the Darning Foot in the step-by-step sewing lesson. Get the most out of the darning presser foot that you likely already own. This is a generic class that applies to all makes and brands of sewing machines and all levels of sewists.

🔗 Instantly get the video lesson and PDF notes to print out.  You can view the lesson anytime, it never expires.  36 minutes.

⭐ Improve your sewing skills with this in-depth, no-nonsense lesson.

👉 Learn about the different types of Darning Feet.

👉 Learn how to turn a closed Darning Foot into an open toe Darning Foot

👉 Learn how to fix holes in lace. Repairs will be invisible.

👉 Learn how to "stipple." This technique is commonly used in quilting.

👉 Learn how to repair ripped or torn fabric, of any weight from cotton to denim.

👉 You will love getting some use out of this foot especially since it comes with most machines.