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Learn To Sew With Your Feet - Instant Delivery

Learn To Sew With Your Feet - Instant Delivery

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Learn to use the feet that cane with your machine. This digital book is full of information and techniques to use the feet for your sewing machine that you already have in your drawer.

No less than 34 feet are covered as well as clever ways to use each of them. From the invisible zipper foot, the fringe foot, Teflon foot, roller foot, overcast foot to bias binders,the ruffler and walking feet, you'll learn lots and have fun trying new ways of using them. This book will get you reacquainted with your machine and use it to it's fullest with the feet you already own. 

Use this as a workbook and learn as you go. Deb also covers machine shanks, needles, bobbins, balanced tension, and stitch quality. This book will become an essential reference manual you'll want to keep close at hand while sewing. 36 pages, PDF. 

You can see the Table Of Contents Here.